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Our History

On the 6th of April 1952, the hospital was born to address the health needs of people after the second world war. Its first building was erected by American Missionaries as a joint project of the Presbyterian Mission of the United States and the emerging United Church of Christ in the Philippines. It was called the Cebu Evangelical Hospital. As years went on, in order to serve the people beyond religion and geographical boundaries, in 1982, it has become the Metro Cebu Community Hospital upon its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Cognizant of the need to deliver health care services in a wider scope in terms of services and areas of mission, in 1999, the hospital transitioned into its current name – Visayas Community Medical Center (VCMC)

  • Professional medical services
  • Dedicated patient care
  • Qualified medical equipment and facilities
  • Experienced specialists and doctors

Top 20 Consultants For The Year 2018

(January to December 2018)

VCMC celebrates its 67th Founding Anniversary with joy and gratitude to our Top 20 Doctors who brought in their private patients in the year 2018.

1. Dr. Eli Ar. Belarmino, Family Medicine

2. Dr. Julieta T. Lim, Pediatrics

3. Dr. Antonio P. Yapha, Jr., General Surgery

4. Dr. Joven B. Mabalatan, General Surgery

5. Dr. Ruben L. Escarda, Pulmonologist

6. Dr. Edgardo C. Chanco, General Medicine

7. Dr. Evan N. Mendoza, Pulmonologist

8. Dr. Ceasar F. Uy, Family Medicine

9. Dr. Geraldine P. Yapha, General Surgery

10. Dr. Ron R. del Mar, General Surgery

11. Dr. Ma. Teresa Fortunato, Pediatrics -Neo-natal

12. Dr. Laurene B. Lim, Pediatrics

13. Dr. Mary Ann Wagas, Pediatrics

14. Dr. Jerry S. Alinsug, General Surgery

15. Dr. Robert Lim, General Surgery and Dr. Conrado Diestro, Family Medicine

16. Dr. Margarita A. Ouano, Internal Medicine

17. Dr. Jay Borinaga, Cardiologist and Dr. Luisito R. Co, General Surgery

18. Dr. Amelita S. Guangko, General Medicine and Dr. Ma. Lucila E. Ilano, Pediatrics

19. Dr. Anna Mitzi Matela, Family Medicine

20. Dr. Carlos Luis G. Fanlo Jr., Orthopedic Surgery

HMOs and Health Insurance Accepted

As the Visayas Community Medical Center is a tertiary, 200-bed hospital, we are also pleased to inform you that we address the health care needs of our clientele through various HMOs:

Hmos List

The 5 Medical Departments of VCMC

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